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Jacqui W


May 2020

Abha London is my favourite jewellery. Individual pieces that are both practical and gorgeous!

H Dhesi


May 2020

Its simple  and elegant. All which adds to the charm!

K Rehal



It is with a heavy heart I write to let you know; our beautiful mother left us.  The cancer took her. 


I cannot thank you enough, nor can I explain what it meant to my mother when I turned up at hospital wearing the earrings and beautiful necklace that you had recreated from some glass crystals that once belonged to my Nan.  Seeing me in her mother’s crystals, gave my mother a 'zest' for life... The smile and excitement on her face when she took the necklace and earrings in her hand.  They were perfect just as she had remembered from her childhood.  The perfect links created by hand with silver materials to put the crystals together, the brilliantly designed pendant earrings and the dull crystals now shining like new.  Thank you for listening and understanding what I needed you to create for me, for my dying mother.  


No one would ever know there was a history behind those glass crystals, as today they appeared new, elegant, and feminine.   I truly believe you are a specialist in your craftsmanship with the sophistication, taste, care, and attention these Victorian pieces of jewellery were made.  I was not sure my mother would survive long enough to see the finished product, but you made that happen.  The extra mile you went to help put a smile on my mother’s face will be re-lived every time I wear these sentimental pieces of jewellery.  


It gives me great pleasure in thanking you for allowing me both a memory and a treasure that will remain with me for the remainder of my life - the final gift given to my mother by my Nan over 42 years ago - brought to life in the final days of my mother’s life, and now one of the last pieces of my mother’s history left with me.  Thank you for caring and thank you for creating one of the most precious pieces of jewellery I own and wear with pride.   

Jean B



Pinder of Abha London is so obliging in trying to provide me with an exact replica of a necklace that I lost my husband had bought for me for our 30th wedding anniversary so has great sentimental value. Pinder and her son were wonderful retailers when we met them on their stand at Burghley.  it would be fantastic if they could have their own stand there again as I am sure many visitors would appreciate both the quality of their products and the genuine warmth and service they provide to customers. 



Feb 2016

Finally picked up my bracelet, it is gorgeous, just what I wanted. Thank you so much!

Lucy D

On the three strand pearl bracelet you made for me, I love it!! A perfect 50th birthday present!!

Neville B


Love the jewellery and especially that each piece is unique

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