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Bring your worn jewellery back to life!! Each jewellery piece has a story and can be of sentimental value. We can help repair, clean and/or polish it to make it look like new as long as it is gold, platinum or silver. If the inherited item is not to your taste, work with us to redesign a new wearable piece.

Jewelry Expert

1. Restringing

Your pearl necklace will be restrung using the finest silk thread with or without individual knotting as per your choice.


Prices start from £25 for a single strand 16inch necklace without individual knotting.


This service is offered for other beaded necklaces too.

2. Jewellery Repairs

Why throw away when it can be repaired?

We repair all worn out fine jewellery, missing stones, and broken clasps and chains.

3. Jewellery Restoration

Freshen up your old white/yellow gold or silver items, we can clean and polish your jewellery to look like new!

4.  Ring Resizing 

Too big or too small? We can resize your ring so its just the right size. Contact us for a quote.

5. Design your own

Made to your own design in platinum, gold or silver

  1. Sit down with us with a blank sheet of paper and design your own piece of jewellery

  2. Provide us with a sketch, image or website link

  3. Give us the actual item to copy

  4. Give us an old piece of jewellery and we will design options for you

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